Here at 3D On Demand we offer a range of services which range from fabricating existing designs and models, to creating new and exciting components or protypes as envisioned by our customers. We offer a complete finishing service to ensure our customers are wholy satisfied with their prints.

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Be it a bespoke design, 3D modelling or simple editing, we will ensure that your ideas meet reality how you envisioned them and are fully prepared for the 3D printing process.

To do this we employ a myriad of software packages each with its own unique strengths for differing applications from complex geometry, engineering, and sculpting.

When the model is ready it is then prepared for printing using fine tuned slicing software for optimal results.


Once a model is prepared it is then sent to one of our printers for fabrication, depending on the specification the appropriate printer and material will be selected for the part.

You can find out more about our printing techniques and materials here.

Once complete, the piece is removed from the build plate ready for clean-up and post processing.




Once all components have been printed, they are ready for post processing and finishing.

Most prints will have had structural supports added to ensure the print is successful, these are then removed and the model itself cleaned as standard.

If requested, the piece is then processed further to smooth out surfaces.

We also offer a full commission painting on request.

If you would like to know more about us, our services, printers or materials, please get in touch!